A new Touch Smartcard product that allows you to buy 10 one-day tickets

If you travel regularly on the same journey but not frequently enough to benefit from a season ticket, you can save time and money with Carnet.

Available exclusively through the South Western Railway Touch Smartcard, Carnet is a new product that allows you to buy 10 one-day tickets for use between the same origin and destination stations. The Carnet price is based on 10 Anytime Day Return tickets with a 5% discount applied.

What is a Carnet ticket?

• Carnets are 10 one-day tickets for use between the same origin and destination.
• Valid on South Western Railway services, where we have smartcard enabled routes. They are not available on tickets that include London buses or London Underground.
• Can be used for 10 days of travel during the two month validity.
• Valid in Standard Class only.
• Valid for 1 day’s travel for unlimited journeys between the origin and destination stations.
• Only available online at

How does it work?

When you buy a Carnet, you will get a bundle of 10 Day tickets to use between the two stations chosen. On the day of travel, you activate one of your 10 tickets by placing your Touch Smartcard on a gate or smartcard validator, this will allow you to travel between the two stations chosen. You will need to make sure to touch in and out on the smartcard readers at stations to activate the ticket. You will have 2 months from the date of purchase to use up all 10 tickets.

How can you buy Carnet tickets?

Carnet tickets are exclusive to South Western Railway Touch Smartcard and can be bought online through the South Western Railway ‘My Account’.

You will need a registered Touch Smartcard or the old style South West Trains Smart before being able to purchase Carnet tickets online.

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Carnet Terms & Conditions:

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