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Ideal for regular travel along the same route

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If you regularly travel between two stations, you are likely to save time and save money with a Season ticket. If you travel between the same two stations three or more times a week, a Weekly Season ticket could save you money in comparison to buying tickets daily. Buying an Annual Season ticket can save you up to 25% off the price of a year's worth of Weekly Season tickets and in effect, gives you 12 weeks free travel. 

Season tickets give you unlimited travel between your specified stations for the whole period of the ticket. This means you’re covered anytime you’re travelling between A and B or any intermediate stations, including extra trips or leisure travel as well as your commute, and you won’t have to allow extra time to buy your tickets. An annual Season ticket also gives you other fantastic benefits, outlined below.

To work out how much money you could save with a Season ticket, use our Season ticket calculator.

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Types of Season ticket


Get a full 7 days unlimited travel between two stations when you buy a weekly Season ticket. It could cost you less than 3 daily peak tickets, so you’ll save money even if you don’t travel every single day. You can buy a weekly Season ticket from our self-service ticket machines and the ticket office.


Monthly Season tickets will save you even more money, making them a real no-brainer for commuters. You can buy monthly Season tickets from our website, a ticket office, online and by phone. You can renew them at our self-service ticket machines.

Paper monthly season tickets cannot be purchased online and collected from ticket machines.

Monthly +

Want the benefits of unlimited travel between your two stations but a month is not enough and a year is too much? Don’t worry, we have Season tickets to cover as long as you need. Use the Season ticket calculator to work out which ticket is right for you.

Paper monthly+ season tickets cannot be purchased online and collected from ticket machines.


If you’re a regular work commuter then an annual Season ticket will save you even more money and time – it’s the equivalent of paying for only 40 weeks and getting 12 weeks free, plus you can use it not just for your commute but for unlimited leisure travel on any day within the area it covers.

Even better, if the start or end station covered by your annual Season ticket is within the Gold Card area, then you’ll also receive a free Gold Card, which gives you fabulous benefits including:

  • 1/3 off certain tickets for yourself and up to 3 other adults travelling with you
  • 60% off certain tickets for up to 4 children travelling with you
  • £20 off a one-year Railcard for you or a friend

Adding to your Season ticket

Want to add even more power and value to your Season ticket? You can add Travelcard or PlusBus when you buy or renew your Season ticket, so your entire journey is taken care of.

When you buy or renew a Season ticket, you can also pay for car parking for most of our stations – do this at the ticket office at the station you wish to park at, or through our Customer Service Centre. 

Buying and using a Season ticket

  • The first time you buy a Season ticket, you’ll need a passport size photo so we can issue you a photo card – there’s no extra charge for this
  • You must have both your Season ticket and photo card with you when you travel
  • You can use your Season ticket up to and including its expiry date for any number of journeys between the stations and/or within the zone(s) shown on it, at any time of day
  • It may be used at intermediate stations, and on any permitted route, unless a route or any other restrictions are specified on the ticket
  • If you’re travelling beyond the stations on your Season ticket, you must buy a ticket before you travel for the part of your journey not covered by your Season ticket

Problems with your Season ticket? Find out about refunds and compensation for Season ticket users. 

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