Flexible train tickets

Travel at any time of day with our flexible range of train tickets

If you’re not sure when you’ll be travelling and don’t want to be restricted by time, we have a flexible range of ticket types for you to choose from. Don’t forget, we charge no booking fees and you can also collect Nectar points on selected ticket types. Find the right one below for your journey, then just book online or on our app.

Travelling by train

Anytime ticket

Anytime train tickets give you the most flexibility when travelling by train with no time restrictions on your journey and up to 04:29 the following day. Anytime Day Single and Day Return tickets won’t restrict your travel for the day, so you can jump on a train when you need to.

For even more flexibility, choose an Anytime Open Return ticket. As well as no time restrictions, your return journey can be made within one calendar month.

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Carnet train ticket

Available exclusively on the SWR smartcard, our Carnet train ticket is perfect for flexible working, education or regular journeys. Similar to a season ticket, get unlimited travel between two South Western Railway stations for the day, including stations in-between on the route.

You’ll get 10 daily tickets added onto your smartcard to use over 2 months and even better, you'll get a 5% discount on the overall cost than if you'd bought daily 10 Standard Anytime Day Return tickets.

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Season tickets

If you make the same journey regularly, you could save money and time with a season train ticket compared to buying daily Anytime Day Return train tickets.

You’ll get unlimited travel between two stations and any stations in-between on your route for the duration of your season ticket. It can also be used at any time of day, including evenings and weekends.

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Smart tickets

Avoid the queues at the station by choosing one of our smart tickets to get your train ticket. With no-contact digital eTickets, you can buy up to 5 minutes before your train departs with your ticket saved straight to your smartphone.

You can also add tickets to your contactless smartcard instantly using the SWR app and a compatible smart device, instead of waiting 2 hours to collect it from the station.

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Pay as you go travel

Add Tap2Go to your SWR smartcard now for pay as you go travel on SWR services. You’ll no longer have to buy a ticket before you travel and instead just touch in and touch out on yellow smartcard readers. At the end of the day, you’ll be charged the best walk-up fare that you would have paid at the station for the same journeys you made. So have more flexibility with your travel plans and sign up today.

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Ranger tickets

Great for a day out exploring an area on our network, buy a day Ranger ticket so you can hop on and hop off off-peak trains as much as you like.

Get to know the Isle of Wight with an Island Line Ranger ticket or explore some of the best Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire have to offer with the Heart of Wessex Ranger ticket.

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Rover ticket

On a weekend getaway or long staycation? Buy a Rover ticket with unlimited off-peak travel to make the most of your time discovering everything our region has to offer and even further afield.

We have a range of Rover tickets to choose from, so you can select the one that best suits where you want to go and how long for. From coast and countryside to cities and landmarks, find the right Rover ticket for you and start exploring more by train.

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Travelling in London

London Travelcard

Adding a London Travelcard to your train ticket is the convenient way to travel around London. You get unlimited travel within your chosen London fare zones for a day or longer and even better, you can add a Travelcard to your Touch Smartcard making it easy to go from train to tube.

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Oyster card and contactless

The cheapest way to travel around London is to use an Oyster card or contactless payment card. It’s the quick and contact-free way for pay as you go travel in the capital, plus if you have a compatible smart device you can do mobile payments. And with capped fares, you can make as many pay as you go journeys as you like in a day or week without paying more.

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Choose the best ticket option to suit your needs and book your train tickets today.