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Do you split your time between working from home and commuting? Or do you work part time and need a flexible season ticket to choose the time and days you travel?

If you’re making the same journey at least two days per week but not enough to get a season ticket, a Flexi Season ticket may be a good-value alternative for many commuters compared to buying Anytime Day Return tickets.

The new Flexi Season ticket will be replacing our Carnet train ticket. You can continue to buy Carnet train tickets until 20 June 2021 and use them for travel until they expire. Please plan ahead to make sure you have enough tickets to travel between 21 and 28 June.

What is a Flexi Season ticket?

The new Flexi Season ticket offers 8 days of travel in 28 days – any time between two stations. It is available for adults and Standard Class travel only and can be purchased on 21 June for travel from 28 June. You will have 28 days from the start date selected to use up all 8 day passes. After 28 days, any unused day passes will expire.

The Flexi Season ticket is available across most routes in Britain and is not limited to journeys within the SWR network. London Travelcards aren’t available with Flexi Season tickets, so you’ll need to use an Oyster card or contactless when using the TfL network.

The Flexi Season ticket is only available on smart tickets, so order a SWR smartcard today if you don’t have one already. Plus, you can sign up to get Automated Delay Repay notifications if you’ve been delayed by 15 minutes or more.

How much is a Flexi Season ticket?

A new season ticket calculator is being developed so that you can compare Flexi Season and season ticket prices. We’ll update this page with a link to the new season ticket calculator when it’s available.

How do I buy a Flexi Season ticket?

Before you buy a Flexi Season ticket, you’ll need a free SWR smartcard. You can order a smartcard online or you can get a smartcard immediately from a growing number of our stations. Click here for further details.

The new Flexi Season ticket will be on-sale on 21 June 2021, for use from 28 June 2021.

How do I use a Flexi Season ticket?

On the day you want to travel, just touch in on the origin station’s yellow smartcard reader found on the ticket gate or platform validator to start your journey and activate a day pass. You’ll now have unlimited travel between your origin and destination stations and any in-between for the day, right up to 04:29 the next day.

You must touch in on a yellow smartcard reader before you start a journey, otherwise you may be considered to be travelling without a valid day pass. If the station doesn’t have a yellow smartcard reader to start a day pass, download the NRE Smartcard Manager app (when available in app stores) and follow the instructions or a member of staff on-board may be able to help you.

Don’t forget you must touch in and touch out on yellow smartcard readers for every journey you make and keep your smartcard separate to avoid card clash.

Currently, we recommend you having a smartcard just for a Flexi Season ticket and a separate smartcard for using Tap2Go for pay as you go travel and adding other types of train tickets. If you have Tap2Go or a ticket with a similar journey on the same smartcard as your Flexi Season ticket, we can’t guarantee our system will select the right ticket or correctly charge you for your journey. You can order additional smartcards to be stored within your online SWR account free of charge.

If you already have a Flexi Season ticket on your smartcard with days of travel remaining, you must avoid having a second Flexi Season ticket with overlapping validity. You should either use all your day passes before buying a new Flexi Season ticket or ensure the start date of the new Flexi Season ticket is after the last day of planned travel on your current Flexi Season ticket to avoid the new ticket being used before all 8 days on the active ticket have been used.

Other flexible train ticket options

If a Flexi Season ticket isn’t right for you but still don’t want to be restricted by time, we have a range of flexible train tickets for you to choose from. Find the right one below for your journey, then just book online or on our app.

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