Changes to your journey timetable

Changes to your journey timetable

Occasionally it is necessary to make changes to our timetable, for example due to engineering works or industrial action. To ensure you are kept informed when these changes do happen, we now email customers who have booked on the SWR website or app to give as much notice as possible to amend your plans if you need to. This service can only be offered to customers who buy a single or return ticket where we know the date of travel and the service(s) you plan to use.

When the timetable is changed, this can cause services to be retimed or cancelled. This will be made clear in the email received.

What ticket do I have?

Rail tickets fall into one of 3 main categories:

  • Anytime: travel at any time of the day
  • Off-Peak (including Super Off-Peak): time restrictions apply to the time the ticket is valid
  • Advance: the ticket is valid on a prebooked service only

More details can be found on our train ticket types page.

You can identify what ticket type you have from your ticket or online booking history. The ticket description will often contain the words Anytime, Off-Peak or Advance within its name.

  • Sunday Out is an Anytime ticket for Sundays only
  • Evening Out is an Off-Peak ticket
  • Semi Flex Return is an Advance ticket for the outward journey and an off peak ticket for the return journey

How to find out your ticket type

Online booking history

Select the ticket from the list in my bookings history

Online account ticket description

Digital eTickets

Digital eTicket

Paper tickets

Paper ticket description

Download ticket type (PDF, 538Kb)

My service has been retimed, but I still want to travel

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My service has been cancelled, but I still want to travel

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I no longer want to travel and would like a refund

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