Train ticket refunds

Apply for a refund if:

  • You changed your plans and didn’t make the journey at all
  • Disruption meant you decided not to travel, or you weren't able to make it to your destination
  • If you have a season ticket that you no longer require. Use delay repay to claim where due to severe disruption you were unable to travel. 

Ticket type refund information

  • The refund process varies according to the ticket type you have and where you purchased it. Please click on the ticket that applies to you for relevant information
  • A full refund, without administration fee will be given for Advance, Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak, Evening Out, and Sunday Out tickets where due to a cancelled, delayed or rescheduled train you choose not to travel
  • You can also make a claim for expenses you've incurred during disruption
Advance tickets
Anytime, Off-Peak, Evening Out, Sunday Out, and Super Off-Peak tickets
Rangers and Rovers tickets
Season tickets
Replacement season tickets
Monthly auto-renewal season tickets
Flexi Season tickets
Car park season tickets
Forgotten your season ticket?
Forgotten your Railcard?

If you purchased your ticket from:

Our website
A South Western Railway station
Another train company, a travel agent or other source (such as Trainline)
A Transport for London outlet
Ticket machine price guarantee

Before completing the online form read the following advice:

Paper tickets
Tickets bought online but not yet collected

You will receive an email with a unique reference number once your claim has been submitted.

Refund form

If you are having issues submitting the form, you will need to clear any cached images and files on your device (generally found under settings).

On a desktop, you can also press the Ctrl and F5 keys and resubmit your form. On a mobile device, you might need to clear your browser history and website data then resubmit your form.

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