New connections for your next trip

Need to stay connected? All of our trains offer free Wi-Fi. We're also planning to introduce superfast Wi-Fi on some sections of our network, as well as continue our project to improve coverage across the network.

Because you’re on a train, there may be areas where the signal is less strong. Bandwidth is shared with all users onboard, so connection speed may be affected as more passengers connect. You won’t be able to watch catch-up TV or video sharing sites, or download very large files, and inappropriate or offensive sites are blocked. We have a Fair Use Policy in place and reserve the right to restrict connection speed or terminate a session where we deem the level of use to be excessive and therefore detrimental to other users.

Our free WiFi uses 4G and 5G signals so the quality of the internet connection will vary depending on the train’s proximity to communications masts along our network.

Take a look at our coverage map to see the areas where you may find it more difficult to connect:

Wi-Fi coverage map across the South Western Railway network - May 2023  Download a PDF version of the map (396Kb)

If you lose your connection, it’s most likely because the train is passing through an area of weak signal. Once the signal improves, your device should automatically re-connect.

We’re committed to improving WiFi coverage which is why we work closely with telecommunications companies who are working hard to install additional masts across our network.

Improving Connectivity

We have worked in partnership with BT to deliver improved Wi-Fi connectivity and speed on board our trains. All of our trains have been fitted with new W-Fi equipment, meaning faster browsing and easier connections. We've also been working to reduce the number of "not-spots" on our network - areas where the phone signal is too weak for a steady connection - improving internet access on more than 90% of journeys.

Trackside Equipment

We've developed a strategic partnership with BT (who manage the EE network our Wi-Fi uses). They are building new mobile phone masts to improve mobile coverage on the South Western Railway network, and have already upgraded existing masts near our railway. This will reduce the number of coverage ‘not spots’ and increase the speed of the on board Wi-Fi. These upgrades mean that you'll be able to use Wi-Fi calling to improve mobile phone connectivity for voice calls.

5G Railway

We're developing superfast Wi-Fi technology with FirstGroup, which will be installed between Earlsfield and Basingstoke. This superfast trackside solution will be fully integrated with our existing on board Wi-Fi service, delivering a fantastic connectivity solution for our mainline passengers.