On board

On board

Making your journey more enjoyable.

There are lots of facilities and services available on our trains and stations to help make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Quiet Zones

Want a quieter journey? Then take a seat in our Quiet Zones, where we ask passengers to refrain from using mobile phones and be aware of the volume of their music – look for the blue labels on the windows and doors.

On train Wi-Fi

Need to stay connected? Over half our trains currently offer free Wi-Fi, and we are working hard to improve this. Look for signs onboard.

Because you’re on a train, there may be areas where the signal is less strong. Bandwidth is shared with all users onboard, so connection speed may be affected as more passengers connect. You won’t be able to watch catchup TV or video sharing sites, or download very large files, and inappropriate or offensive sites are blocked. We have a Fair Use Policy in place and reserve the right to restrict connection speed or terminate a session where we deem the level of use to be excessive and therefore detrimental to other users.

At station Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available platform side at all SWR managed stations across the South Western Railway network following a major investment to improve the facilities. 

Please note that London Waterloo, Clapham Junction and Guildford stations are operated by Network Rail so the South Western Railway free Wi-Fi service is not available at these stations. 

First Class weekend upgrades

If you’re travelling at the weekend or on public holidays, you can upgrade to First Class at a special price, starting from only £5 depending on how far you’re travelling. Look for this option when booking, or just ask the guard onboard.

View the First Class zones map (PDF, 298Kb)

Mums to be

We appreciate that travel can be difficult for pregnant people when travelling on our trains, especially when they are busy and there are no seats available. To make your journey easier, we provide “Baby on Board” badges for our mums to be.

No smoking

The law does not permit smoking (including vapes and e-cigarettes) on our trains or at our stations. Should you wish to, you can smoke outside the stations in our car parks.


We can carry bicycles on some of our trains. Check our cycle policy before you travel.