We’re introducing dedicated Assisted Boarding Points at all of our stations.

How do Assisted Boarding Points work?

When you arrive at the station:

  1. Find the Assisted Boarding Point on the platform using:
    • information posters,
    • website information,Assisted Boarding Points Icon
    • announcements, and
    • customer information boards around the station.
  2. Scan the WhatsApp QR code or use our WhatsApp number to send a message or call our contact centre team. You just need to tell us where you are, where you're travelling to, and how we can help.
  3. We’ll send a text message to the guard of the service that you intend to travel on, providing them with advance notice.
  4. When the train arrives, the guard will help you to board with the assistance you require.

This service is for any customer who may need assistance - whether it's a mobility or visual impairment, luggage or a hidden disability.

Look out for the Assisted Boarding Points icon on our Station Information Maps to find the boarding point.

When is my station getting an Assisted Boarding Point?

We're bringing Assisted Boarding Points to all of our stations throughout 2021. You can see when your station is expected to get an Assisted Boarding Point using our map below, or download the PDF (600 KB).

Assisted Boarding Points Map