Use Google Pay on the SWR app

Paying with Google Pay

Buy your train tickets securely and quickly on Android devices and in Google Chrome browsers

Safe and secure

Your data is kept safe and secure - we don't store your card details anywhere, whether on your phone or our website.

Quick and convenient

It doesn't take long to buy your train ticket. Select the Google Pay option, then use your fingerprint to complete payment.

Easy to use

Your ticket can be stored securely on the App, so it's easy to find and scan at the gate. You can also have your ticket sent to your Touch smartcard.

How to set up your Google Pay

You'll need:

  • An Android device running Lollipop 5.0 or newer (it doesn't need to be NFC-enabled).
  • The latest version of Android OS.

You'll also need your bank card - most major cards will work with Google Pay.

  1. Follow the steps in Google Pay to add your card.
  2. Once your card is verified, you can start booking your train tickets with Google Pay.

Google Pay Mark

Use Google Pay on the SWR app

Buying your train tickets with Google Pay

  1. Choose the Google Pay option at the payment screen on our App or our website.
  2. Use your fingerprint to confirm your payment.
  3. Find your ticket stored in the App, and scan it at the gate to access the platform.