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In 2021 we signed a new National Rail Contract with the Department for Transport. This two-year contact replaces our previous Franchise, and provides stability for our customers and colleagues as we build back a better railway.

Under the National Rail Contract, each year we work with the Department for Transport to develop a Business Plan that sets out what we will deliver and how much it will cost. All revenues from our operation are paid directly to HM Government.

There are three key themes that underpin the business plan:

  • Being a good and efficient operator – having a relentless focus on the efficient delivery of a great service.
  • Consolidating and rebuilding trust – working collaboratively to deliver our promises.
  • Journey to Better – delivering small and large improvements for our customers every day.

And it focusses on seven key areas:

  • Customers and communities - We will provide all customers with a quality end to end journey experience and make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.
  • People - We will develop and nurture our people to rebuild trust and drive continuous and efficient improvement in our performance, delivery and customer experience.
  • Train service operators - We will respond dynamically to demand levels to deliver an efficient service that delivers high levels of performance, customer experience and taxpayer value.
  • Revenue - We will work collaboratively to leverage our improvements to attract customers back to rail, deliver revenue recovery and enrich the SWR brand.
  • Environment and sustainability - We will be part of the green recovery post COVID-19, putting sustainability at the heart of our business and promoting rail as the green mode of travel choice.
  • Collaboration - We will work collaboratively with our partners to drive innovation, create value and deliver better outcomes for our customers, colleagues and communities every day.
  • Leadership - We will simplify the focus of our business and build our leadership and quality management capability to deliver greater impact and collaborative working.

Download and read our newest Customer Report (PDF, 1.1MB), which details the latest updates over the past six months.


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