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We have published our Business Plan for 2022/23, which sets out how we will meet post-pandemic demands while still delivering improvements for our customers.

Under the National Rail Contract, each year we work with the Department for Transport to develop a Business Plan that sets out what we will deliver and how much it will cost. All revenues from our operation are paid directly to HM Government.

Our latest Business Plan focusses on eight key areas:

  • Customer and Communities: We will modernise and simplify the customer offer, taking into account the full end to end journey experience to improve our customers’ on-train and at station experience.
  • Leadership, Management and Resourcing: We will build and maintain strong leadership and management focussing on delivering the best possible service to customers and creating a safe and sustainable railway in the most cost-efficient way.
  • Collaboration: We will foster the continued development of a ‘One Railway, Our Railway’ approach in which key industry parties, stakeholders and railway communities work collaboratively together to deliver in the best interests of customers and taxpayers, and the regions and communities we serve.
  • People and workforce: As well as our customers and partners, we will focus relentlessly on our people. We will deliver an engaged, diverse workforce where talent is valued and retained, including recruitment targeting underrepresented groups in the rail industry and improved cross sector training programmes.
  • Train Service Operation: We will work collaboratively across the industry to deliver efficient timetables which make the best use of available resources including infrastructure, rolling stock and our dedicated colleagues. We will deliver a punctual and reliable train service that meets the needs of our customers through matching capacity to demand, whilst offering value for money for the taxpayer.
  • Revenue: We will maximise and sustain the recovery and growth of our own and whole industry revenues following the pandemic, whilst driving down costs. We will promote fairness for customers and taxpayers through determined action to minimise ticketless travel.
  • Environment and sustainability: We will create a cleaner, greener railway to spearhead the nation’s ambition to become a world leader in sustainable transport with a focus on decarbonisation and air quality.
  • Accessibility: We will make accessibility improvements on-train and at stations and focus on improving customer communication for those with disabilities, additional needs and an aging population - by providing clear and consistent information at every stage of the journey.

You can read our full business plan here

SWR Business Plan 2022-2023

Download the full Business Plan



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