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What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is a ticket that's stored on your phone as a barcode and scanned at the ticket gate.

You can buy eTickets on our website and the South Western Railway app, where your tickets are stored. If you're on the app choose ‘Download a mobile ticket’ as your delivery option, if available, or 'deliver as eTicket’ if booking on the website. You can also use the PDF eTickets in the confirmation email.

How do I use an eTicket?

When you get to the station, open our app and go to ‘My Tickets’. Then scan the eTicket QR code above the reader to open the ticket gate. Screenshots of eTickets can’t be used to travel.

In the unlikely event that your eTicket isn’t working at the gate, show it to our station staff and they’ll help you. Don't forget to charge your phone – if you can’t show your mobile eTicket to station staff, you’ll need to buy a new ticket on the day or may be charged a penalty fare.

What tickets can I buy as an eTicket?

You can buy Advance, Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Single and Return train tickets for all South Western Railway services and for most other train companies in Britain. Railcard discounts can also be used with eTickets. Open returns aren't currently available as eTickets.

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