Window seater

Window Seater

The audio travel guide

Do you prefer the window seat? Try Window Seater for a more engaging, fun and informative journey!

Take your eyes away from your screen and embrace the world outside your train window with Window Seater’s geolocated audio guides, available for free on the Apple App StoreApple App Store and Google Play Store Google Play Store and initially on the London Southampton line (both directions).

Delivering an immersive new in-train storytelling experience, Window Seater’s guides cover a range of subjects from history and geography to art, culture and community.

With the Window Seater app downloaded, select your line and your phone will notify you as you pass points of interest. The informative, lively and simple-to-use guides draw on stories from communities along the railway line, featuring local voices from BBC radio DJs to geologists and even an abbott!

In the London to Southampton guide, listeners will hear about subjects including:

  • Stories of speed, from Britain’s first ever car journey to pioneering women in motorsport
  • The homes and workplaces of icons Thomas Burberry, Jane Austen and James Bond
  • Diverse histories of famous mosques, abbeys and medieval city gates
  • Untold stories of Concorde, Spitfire and the Titanic
  • Hidden rivers that weave their way under the railway line
  • Waterloo station’s secrets and the National Windrush memorial
  • … and Woking’s alien invasion!

Download the Window Seater app for free here:

Download the free South Western Railway app via the Apple App Store Download the free South Western Railway app via Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Seater can be found here