Delay Repay

Claim money back for delays to your train journey

If you are delayed by 15 minutes or longer when you travel with us, you can claim Delay Repay. This is a national scheme that makes it easy for you to get compensation for delayed journeys.

Claims can be made up to 28 days after your journey.

You can also make a claim for expenses you've incurred during disruption.

If you're a Touch Smartcard (including Tap2Goseason ticket holder, or you bought an Advance ticket through you'll be able to sign up for Automated Delay Repay (ADR) which makes claiming for compensation quicker and easier.

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Delay Repay FAQs

How do we calculate delay repay compensation?
How do I claim Delay Repay?
What do I need to make a Delay and Repay claim?
How does this affect my rights under the Consumer Rights Act?
If I abandon my journey due to disruption should I claim Delay Repay compensation?
Can I change my payment preference after my claim has been submitted?
When can I claim for a delayed train?
Will I get compensation if my train is cancelled?
Can I submit more than one claim at a time?
Can I still claim if I have lost my paper ticket?
How quickly will I receive my compensation?
What if I am delayed on a journey that involves more than one train?
Am I entitled to Delay Repay if the timetable changed?
How do I make a claim on behalf of a family member or group if we travelled together?
Can I send you multiple claims via letter rather than sending individual forms?
Can I claim Delay Repay if using Oyster, Pay As You Go or Contactless Payment?
Why was my claim declined?
What should I do if my claim was declined?
Can I donate my compensation to a Charity?

Automated Delay Repay FAQs

What is Automated Delay Repay (ADR)?
How do I set up ADR?
Do I have to touch in and touch out for ADR?
If I sign up for ADR can I still make a claim myself?
How do I make a claim for a journey where I was unable to tap in or out?
How quickly will I receive my compensation?
Is ADR quicker than Delay Repay?
ADR has sent me a claim that isn’t correct. What can I do?

SWR Delay Repay claims

  Volume of delay compensation claims received Volume of delay compensation claims approved Value of total delay compensation paid Average time for claims to be processed in working days
Period 1 (01/04/2023 – 29/04/2023) 45,587 35,322 £578,495 2.33
Period 2 (30/04/2023 – 27/05/2023) 26,841 22,901 £399,297 2.47
Period 3 (28/05/2023 – 24/06/2023) 38,788 30,508 £453,726 2.31
Period 4 (25/06/2023 - 22/07/2023)  40,226 31,913 £466,270  2.32
Period 5 (23/07/2023 - 19/08/2033) 21,693 17,457 £252,135 2.65
Period 6 (20/08/2023 - 16/09/2023) 25,762 18,808 £218,320 2.37
Period 7 (17/09/2023 - 14/10/2023)
35,916 28,370 £312,534 2.02
Period 8 (15/10/2023 - 11/11/2023) 51,820 44,415 £476,601 2.38
Period 9 (12/11/2024 - 09/12/2023) 74,040 48,175  £503,661  2.44
Period 10 (10/12/2023 - 06/01/2024) 46,997 48,119 £689,998 3.60
Period 11 (07/01/2024 - 03/02/2024) 42,456 47,207 £559.315  2.91
Period 12 (04/02/2024 - 0/03/2024) 35,985 30,918 £328,064  2.62
Period 13 (03/03/2024 - 31/03/2024) 44,455 32,809 £444,110 2.31

2022 to 2023 Delay Repay claims