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Everything you need to know about using your SWR Touch Smartcard


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Delay Repay

If your journey has been delayed by 15 minutes or more, you can claim Delay Repay on

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Why is it important to touch in and touch out?
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Can my Season Ticket be changed for a different origin or destination station?
How do I claim my free Season Ticket?
How can I claim a refund if I don't need my ticket anymore?
What happens if I can’t touch in or touch out with my Touch Smartcard?
If I decide not to travel after going through the gates, will I be charged?
Can I break my journey?
How do I change my registered credit or debit card details?
Can I see my journey history and charge information?
What happens if my payment for Tap2Go fails?
Can I use Tap2Go on TfL services?
Can I travel to other stations in London with Tap2Go?
Can I use my Railcard discount with Tap2Go?
What should I do if there is service disruption and need to travel with a different operator?
Do I need to add credit to my Tap2Go account?
How do I close my Tap2Go account?
Claiming Delay Repay