Book today with South Western Railway for a price that can't be beaten. If you see a cheaper price for the same train ticket, we'll refund the difference

Our price promise

Making sure booking direct with us is always the best option

The South Western Railway Price Promise

We will always have the lowest priced tickets for journeys on our trains across and you’ll never find a cheaper South Western Railway ticket anywhere else. On top of that, we never charge a booking fee when you buy directly through us.

If you’ve booked a South Western Railway ticket through or on the South Western Railway app, you can rest assured you’ve got the best ticket price.

To make sure we always offer you the best prices, we’ll refund the difference if you find a cheaper ticket online within 24 hours of booking. So long as it’s for the same date, time, stations, and ticket type, travelling on a route operated solely by South Western Railway we’ll pay you back.

Split tickets

Split ticketing is when you 'split' your journey into multiple tickets instead of buying one single ticket. For example, if you were travelling to London Waterloo from Guildford, you might buy one ticket from Guildford to Woking and then another ticket from Woking to London Waterloo.

We can’t guarantee to refund the difference if you split the tickets for your journey and buy two or more to cover different stages of the route. Split ticketing may appear cheaper on some websites but most of the time they'll charge booking fees on top of the ticket price which we never do.

And, if you really want to split your tickets, you can do that via our website or app - just decide how to split out your journey, select the two tickets (or stages of your journey), add them both to your basket and checkout.

Need to make a claim?

If you’ve found a cheaper ticket and you’d like to make a claim, please complete the form below making sure to attach a screenshot of the payment page for the cheaper ticket, along with either:

  • Your booking reference (if you booked through our website, you’ll find this in your booking confirmation email)
  • Your ticket number (if you booked on our app, you’ll find this in your ticket wallet)

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Price Promise Guarantee T&Cs

Online claim

Online claim only: Claims can only be made via completing the form on this page and it’s important to make sure you complete the form accurately. Any incomplete or inaccurate refund claim forms will be invalid.

Time limit

Refund claim forms must be received by South Western Railway no later than 24 hours after you purchased your train ticket(s).

South Western Railway is not responsible for any Price Promise refund forms which aren’t received or are delayed in transmission beyond our reasonable control.

Evidence to be provided

South Western Railway reserves the right to verify evidence of the lower online fare available for purchase at the lower price.

To be eligible for a Price Promise guarantee refund, you must supply sufficient evidence of the payment stage of the website where you found the ticket at a lower price, showing the identical ticket type, origin, destination, routing, class, number of passengers, Railcards, date and time, and fulfilment type. Associated fees must also be shown.

Evidence must show that the lower online fare was found within 24 hours of the or South Western Railway app booking.

Any decision by South Western Railway on the validity of a claim will be final.


If your claim meets the requirements described above, a refund of the difference between the purchase cost of each qualifying ticket on or the South Western Railway app and the cost of the lower online fare will be credited within 28 days of the claim, having been verified by South Western Railway.

The refund of the difference between the purchase cost on or South Western Railway app and the total cost of the lower online fare is the sole and exclusive compensation that will be made to qualified claimants who show that South Western Railway failed to meet the Price Promise guarantee.

Our price promise guarantee does not apply to the following:

  • Purchases made through a non-South Western Railway online booking channel, a non-designated third party website, or any other channel
  • Routes/journeys that are not operated solely by South Western Railway
  • Discounted or negotiated prices that aren’t available to the general public
  • Price disparities due to fluctuations, rounding, or differences in currency exchange rates
  • South Western Railway promotions available through, South Western Railway app, or and Trainline app. These include but are not limited to: seat sales; First Class seat sales; flash sales.