Sunflower lanyards

Making travel easier for customers with hidden disabilities

We're always looking for ways to make travel easier, particularly for customers with non-visible disabilities or who don't want or need to use our assisted travel service.

If this applies to you, then contact our customer service team who will post a sunflower lanyard out to you.

Our colleagues will recognise the lanyards as meaning that you, or someone in your party, may need some additional support or understanding on your journey. We won't know what specific help you require, but if you speak to one of our colleagues they'll be happy to provide what support they can.

Other ways we can help

Travel assistance

If you have specific needs, or would like accompanied assistance at stations, you can let us know online, through the app or by calling us on 0800 52 82 100. You can call us at any point before you travel. We'll do our best to meet all your needs at short notice, but a call four hours in advance means that we can make everything you need available.

Train information

You can find out about the accessibility features on board our trains – from public address systems and lighting to spaces for wheelchairs and accessible toilets.