National Rail Passenger Survey

Our scores on the latest National Rail Passenger Survey

Results from Transport Focus' Spring 2020 wave of the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) were released in early July 2020, revealing a satisfaction score of 75%.

Whilst we are disappointed with the results, we are not surprised. Punctuality and reliability are the biggest drivers of satisfaction and this research was carried out during a particularly challenging time for our customers:

  • a month-long strike by the RMT in December,
  • two months dominated by severe weather, and
  • a major freight train derailment which affected the network for several days.

Overall Satisfaction

 Spring 2020 Spring 2019
75% -4%

You can find a breakdown of scores against our franchise targets below.

Scores for Spring 2020 Metro Long Distance Outer Suburban & Island Line
Stations 59.6% 66.6% 66.3%
Trains 61.3% 72.1% 59.2%
Customer Service 57.7% 67.1% 63.0%
Targets for 2020/2021 Metro Long Distance Outer Suburban & Island Line
Stations 70% 78% 73%
Trains 73% 73% 73%
Customer Service 65% 76% 73%
Scores vs Targets Metro Long Distance Outer Suburban & Island Line
Stations -10.4% -11.4% -6.7%
Trains -11.7% -0.9% -13.8%
Customer Service -7.3% -8.9% 10.0%

Despite the devastating impact of COVID-19 across the globe, we are working hard behind the scenes to make headway in improving services.

We are continuing to work with Network Rail to improve performance and have already seen signs of improvement, and we’ve recently welcomed the first of our new £1 billion suburban trains for testing this summer. As well as providing a step-change in customer experience, these new trains offer a significant opportunity to improve performance by using modern technology to reduce station dwell times on some of our busiest routes.

We’re also investing in our stations with a £1.5 million repainting programme and new cycle facilities, benches and waiting shelters; as well as investing in Wi-Fi for our trains and across all our stations.

You can find the full results in the Transport Focus NRPS Report.