See It. Say It. Sorted - if you see anything suspicious whilst travelling on the South Western Railway network or at stations contact the British Transport Police

Staying Safe on Your Train Travel

See It. Say It. Sorted.

Tips on Staying Safe on Your Train Travel

We want you to feel safe when you travel with us.

  • you’ll see the British Transport Police and our Rail Community Officers at many of our stations and they often travel on our trains
  • all our on-board teams take part in training, so they can deal with a range of situations
  • you can help by always keeping your luggage and personal belongings with you

In case you need further assistance during your train travel, please read our tips below:

Contacting the British Transport Police

Whether you wish to report a serious incident, a crime in progress or anti-social behaviour on a train or within a station BTP have a dedicated process of how this can be done.

In an Emergency always Dial 999.

In a non-emergency please use the online reporting system via British Transport Police.


Text: 61016


Call: 0800 40 50 40

Alternatively, download the Railway Guardian App on any mobile device 


Reach out to the Rail Community Officers

Our Rail Community Officers (RCO’s) work with the British Transport Police to provide a high profile, uniformed presence on our stations and trains. All of our RCO’s are accredited under the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme. They’re able to enforce railway legislation using powers given to them by the BTP. Our RCO’s actively work to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and create a safe travelling environment for all of our customers and staff.

We work very closely with the British Transport Police (BTP) and deploy our Rail Community Officers across our rail network to help keep you safe, happy and secure. That’s why you’ll see lots of them at our stations and travelling on our trains.

Our Rail Community Officers and security team run various safety and security events, pop-ups or initiatives all over our network with the BTP, so keep your eyes peeled for one of these at your station. They are a friendly bunch so please do say hello!

Staying safe at our stations

All our stations have help points where you can get help, or report any suspicious activity.

Staying safe on our trains

Most of our trains have CCTV, which means a safer environment for our customers and staff.

It’s always good to take a look at the safety information when you board, as each of our trains may be different.

What to in case of an emergency

It’s normally safer to stay where you are and wait for instructions. But, it’s also important you know what to do.

  • if you need to stop the train, pull the alarm, then find a member of staff
  • once your train stops, leave by lowering yourself carefully through the doors; and avoid any rails that could be live
  • leave any personal belongings behind
  • When you’ve left the train, keep an eye out for hazards like loose rails, wires, bags and suitcases; find a safe place well away from the tracks, and wait for instructions.

If you see anything unusual, talk to any member of staff or a police officer. You can also call the transport police on 0800 40 50 40, or text 61016.

In an emergency, always call 999.

Report A Crime

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