Free Station Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is now available at all of our stations

We’ve partnered with BT to bring free Wi-Fi to all South Western Railway stations across our network, making it easy for you to get online while you’re waiting for your train. It’s easy to use and registration is simple, giving you access to the web both before, during and after your journey.

Connecting to our station Wi-Fi

Connecting is simple – just follow these easy steps:

  1. 1. Select SWR Station Wi-Fi from your network list
  2. 2. Open your browser and follow the easy registration instructions
  3. 3. A welcome page will appear – you’re now connected!

Wi-Fi FAQs

About our free station Wi-Fi

What can I expect from the station Wi-Fi?
Where can I access SWR station Wi-Fi?
Who can use SWR station Wi-Fi?
Are there any stations where the free Wi-Fi isn't available?

Connecting to and using our free station Wi-Fi

Where on the station will I be able to connect to the station Wi-Fi?
How do I connect to the station Wi-Fi?
Do I have to register?
Can I use the station Wi-Fi to make phone calls?
I connected to "SWR Free WiFi" but now the signal has cut off?