iSpy looking out for nature across the South Western Railway network

iSpy - looking out for nature

Habitats everywhere

Each of our stations can provide a unique habitat for local plants, animals and insects to thrive.

That’s why we are on a mission to create wild gardens. These are areas which have been designed and maintained with nature in mind.

iSpy looking at nature

We cut the grass back at our stations just three times a year as evidence suggests even a modest reduction in lawn mowing frequency can bring a host of environmental benefits: increased pollinators, increased plant diversity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, a longer, healthier lawn makes it more resistant to pests, weeds, and drought events.

So while it might not look fancy, it’s providing food, a safe home, hiding place or even a sunbathing spot for local animals and insects. What can you spot in our wild gardens?

Where’s your nearest wild garden?

Check out on our network map below what we are doing where - the key in the bottom right hand corner shows which stations have wild gardens and more:

iSpy looking at nature - a map of stations across the South Western Railway network with habitats for local plants, animals and insects to thrive

Download a large version of the map

Why not create your own wild garden at home?

Think how many visitors you could have! Why not set aside an area in your garden for nature or introduce a new home for a ladybird, bird or frog? The RSPB, who is one of our partners has some great tips, which can be found on their website here.

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