Station Adoption

Making our stations more welcoming with our community

If you’re looking to adopt your local station, we’re happy to help support you!

You might want to add planters, create art displays, set up a book swap, or even work with us to create a community hub within a station building. We welcome established volunteer/community groups, charities, local authorities, businesses, or  new groups set up specifically to adopt a station.

If you chose to adopt your local station, we’ll support you by:

  • Working with you to develop your plan
  • Providing safety training relevant to your station, so that your aspirations can be delivered safely
  • Paying for your group to join the Association of Community Rail Partnership (ACoRP) – giving access to our fund, which is administered by ACoRP, as well as the national grant-giving programme
  • We’ll support your group’s work through our communication channels. 
Our station adoption groups bring great benefits to our network. We’re pleased to continue to support and develop with them, as well as working with new communities across our network to form new partnerships.

You can find out more by getting in touch with Andy, our dedicated Community Rail Manager to find out more.

Meet the latest adopter

We’re delighted to welcome the latest station adopter to our ever-growing community rail family.

Air Quality Brentford, the first London-based group to register with SWR, is a volunteer group that works to improve the local community through positive environmental action.

The group’s project, supported by SWR’s local Maintenance Team, has already improved the quality of the station’s environment by planting new trees and flowers, creating green areas on the station’s approaches and placing planters on its platforms.

Brentford station’s adoption was supported by Jennifer Griffiths, Line Officer for the Hounslow Community Rail Partnership (CRP), who has worked closely with SWR to increase community involvement along the line.

Jennifer Griffiths, Line Officer for the Hounslow Community Rail Partnership (CRP), said:
“Hounslow CRP is delighted to have its first station adoption on the line and would like to thank Air Quality Brentford for all their efforts with SWR. We look forward to working with other groups to improve the experience at other stations.”

Nicola, a volunteer from Air Quality Brentford, said: “As a neighbouring resident it's been great to work with SWR to enhance the environment around Brentford Station. By planting spring bulbs, flowers and tree saplings we've made the area more attractive, helped reduce litter and added some much-needed green infrastructure to help improve air quality locally.”