Autumn Leaves


Keeping trains moving during autumn

Seasonal changes can have an impact on rail conditions, sometimes affecting how we run our trains. This autumn, we are working with Network Rail to reduce the impact leaf fall can have on our services, so that we can keep you moving safely.

An autumn timetable will run until Sunday 11 December 2022.

What’s the issue?

Leaves on the line can cause the same problems for trains as black ice on the road does for cars. When trains pass over leaves, they are compacted and form a smooth, slippery layer on the rails, reducing the grip the trains wheels have on the track.

How are you keeping me safe?

Safety is our priority. So that we can continue to operate a safe railway, our drivers have to pull out of stations more slowly and brake much earlier for stations and signals to make sure they stop in time.

Why do you publish autumn timetables?

In areas with very heavy leaf-fall train operators publish special autumn timetables with revised journey timings. These timetables allow extra time for train drivers to drive more cautiously than at other times of the year, so that they can get passengers to where they need to go safely and reliably.

How might this impact my journey?

This can lead to longer journey times and delays. In collaboration with Network Rail, we work hard throughout the autumn season to minimise delays as much as possible and get customers safely to their destinations.

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