Thank you for the comments and feedback on the proposed December 2018 timetable.

Thank you to everyone who has passed on their comments as part of the timetable consultation process. The consultation has now closed and we are collating the feedback and looking at how we can adjust the proposals to accommodate as much as possible and discussing these with the DfT on an ongoing basis.

 We do appreciate that the timetables we have presented represent a major change to the service that we offer. Where gaps have been identified to the level of service required, or where changes we have made have met significant negative feedback we have started to look at how to address the situation and amend the plans to potentially resolve them. These ‘hot spots’ are where we are focussing our attention however we continue to look at the whole timetable and want to assure you that we have listened and are working to make sure customer journeys are improved as much as we can.

Throughout the consultation we have had a lot of feedback on the reduction in Clapham Junction stops. To help explain why these are being removed we have published an explanatory note for you to download here.

As this chapter of the process closes we are already looking forward to the next steps where we present the revised plans to the DfT and then Network Rail for approval in March 2018.

Once we have an agreement from these parties we plan to summarise the changes and prepare revised timetables so that you can see what we have managed to change to improve the service planned for December 2018.

From May 2018 customers will start to see the benefit of some of the capacity improvements, while we also continue to work on improving overall performance by improving our internal process and working with Network Rail to improve the capability of the infrastructure and minimise disruption.

We plan to publish an update on the proposals in March 2018 and will use traditional and online channels to communicate how customers can get more insight onto our plans.

Thank you again for all your feedback.

Kind regards,

South Western Railway December 2018 Timetable Team