Coronavirus (COVID-19) refund advice


Refund policy

Refund policy varies according to the ticket type you have and when you purchased it. Please click on the ticket that applies to you for relevant information.

Anytime, Off-Peak, and Super Off-Peak tickets
Advance tickets
Season tickets (including smartcards)
Car park season tickets

Applying for a ticket refund

If you require a refund, please complete the application form at the bottom of this page. For information about Railcards, please go to

If you purchased your ticket from:

A South Western Railway station
Our website
Another train company, a travel agent or other source (such as Trainline)
Transport for London
Our call centre

For further information about refunds, please visit our main page

Refund form

If you are requesting a refund on your season ticket, please confirm the date you last used your ticket in 'Additional Comments'.

If you are having issues submitting the form please press the Ctrl and F5 keys and resubmit your form. If using a mobile device you might need to clear your browser history and website data then resubmit your form.

Coronavirus travel information

Read the latest travel and ticket information. 

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