A guide to applying for a refund through ‘My Account’

If you bought your ticket through our web or App, it is usually quickest and easiest to apply for a refund through ‘My Account’ which is accessed by logging into your online account here. We’ve created a short guide to help you to understand the process.

Refund reason

You will be asked to provide a ‘reason’ for refund and you will have three options to choose from. These are:

  • Full ticket not required – to be selected if you no longer require your tickets
  • Service disruptions & Cancellations – to be selected if you are unable to travel or opt not to travel due to your booked service being disrupted or cancelled
  • Other – any other scenario

Administration fees

Advance tickets are non-refundable except where a refund is requested due to service disruptions or cancellations (please see below).

For other day ticket types (such as Anytime, Off Peak) no administration fees are charged if you submit your ticket for a refund before the first date of validity. Where submitted after the first date of validity, we will normally charge a £5 administration fee. This is unless the reason for refund is ‘Service disruptions & Cancellations’ and the delay is verified by our customer service team when they process the refund.

Advance tickets

Advance tickets are by design, non-refundable, therefore you cannot apply for a refund through ‘My Account’ for an Advance ticket. You can however initiate a change of journey here. If your journey was affected by service disruptions or cancellations you can still apply for a full refund with no administration charge, however this will need to be requested via the manual refund form, which can be found the bottom of this page.

Administration fee is showing as being applied to my refund in error

The refund screen in ‘My Account’ continues to show a £5 administration fee being deducted (unless the refund request is made at least 1 full day before the first day of validity) because all requests are validated either automatically or by a member of the customer service team, at which point the fee is removed if appropriate (e.g. service disruptions & cancellations).

Unable to submit refunds request as the ticket value is less than the administration charge

Unfortunately it is not possible to submit a refund application for tickets that cost less than £5 if an administration fee has been applied, this is irrespective of the refund reason selected. In these circumstances, to apply for a refund on a ticket that costs less than £5 this will need to be requested via the manual refund form which can be found below.

Season tickets

Please note that if you submit a refund request for a season ticket, you are surrendering that season ticket for no further use. If you have experienced service disruptions or cancellations, you should apply for Delay Repay.

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