Enjoy onboard infotainment with SWR Stream


Our new free-to-use on-board entertainment system

Travelling between London Waterloo and Portsmouth, Southampton or Weymouth? Download our app and start using our complimentary on board entertainment service, SWR|Stream.

Watch the latest hit films and top box sets, get updates from the Premier League, read daily news from national and regional newspapers, popular magazines and so much more.

Download the free SWR app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Easy steps to Stream

Follow these quick steps to get access to great films, entertainment and news via your mobile, laptop or tablet without using any of your mobile data.

Connect to Wi-Fi


Connect to the complimentary on board Wi-Fi ‘SWR Wi-Fi’

Download the App


Open the SWR app or enter swrstream.com in a web browser

Sign Up


Register to access the content



Start streaming and enjoy our complimentary on board entertainment

There’s a world of entertainment in your hands

SWR|Stream is updated daily with new content, so make the most of your journey with nearly 500 hours-worth of films, catch-up tv, news and boxsets from ITV, UKTV, Sky, and Cartoon Network, as well as games and great laughs with special stand up shows from NextUp Comedy.

Frequently asked questions


How do I access SWR|Stream?
How do I download the SWR|Stream App?
How much does it cost to use SWR|Stream?
Do I need to use Wi-Fi to access SWR|Stream?
Do I need to have a good Wi-Fi signal to use SWR|Stream?
How many devices can I register with SWR|Stream?
What devices does SWR|Stream work with?
Can I turn off the advertising?
What trains is SWR|Stream available on?
Can I get subtitles?
How often will the movies and TV shows change?
I didn't get to finish my film - can I do this after getting off the train?
Will watching catch-up TV or movies use up my own data allowance?

Technical questions and error messages

The internet is very slow - is that because too many people are watching movies?
What does the message "Error, Video failed to play. Please check your wi-fi connection and try again." mean?
What are you using my data for?
Does the Stream system store any movies or data on my device?
Will this put cookies on my device? What do they do?
I've already registered for WiFi - do I need to register for SWR|Stream?
The on-board entertainment isn't working - who can I talk to?