What is a face covering?
Where do I need to wear a face covering?
What are you doing to make people wear face coverings?
What happens if I don’t wear a face covering?
Why are people allowed on my train without face coverings?
What should I do if I’m sitting in a carriage with someone who isn’t wearing a face covering?
Why don’t your staff all wear face coverings?
Should children wear face coverings?
Can I remove my face covering to eat and drink?
I am exempt, how do I show people I’m not wearing a face covering for medical reasons?
Who is exempt from wearing a face covering?
I’m Deaf/deaf or living with hearing loss and I need to lip read. Do I need to use a face covering? Can staff remove their face coverings?
I have a mental health condition that means I cannot wear a face covering. Will staff be made aware that I am exempt?
Should I social distance on the train?
Is help still being provided – such as passenger Assist?
Are waiting rooms still open at stations?
Are toilets still open at stations?
How can I buy a ticket?
Will you have hand sanitiser I can use at stations and on trains?
Do I need to reserve a seat?
I’m no longer planning on travelling, can I get a refund of my ticket, season ticket, PlusBus or car park season ticket?