Benefits of switching to smart

Faster, safer, sturdier - and better for the environment

Why should I switch to smart?

There are some great benefits when it comes to switching to smart - saving you time, energy, and saving the environment too.

They're faster

No more queuing up at the ticket office on renewal day - you can do it from your sofa, or even on the train home! And they're not just faster to renew - they also open barriers quicker than paper tickets as they don't take as long for the barrier to read.

They're safer

If you lose your ticket, we can cancel it so no one else can use it, and send you a replacement immediately.

They're sturdier

Smartcards keep working! Paper tickets rely on a magnetic stripe encoded on the back of the ticket. When exposed to magnetic fields - such as other cards or mobile phones - the stripe can quickly stop working, meaning you have to queue to show your ticket at the barrier or wait to get it replaced at a ticket office. A smart card means no more queuing, and a much longer-lasting ticket.

They're better for the environment

Reducing the amount of paper tickets we use is great for the environment. Smart cards last much longer than paper tickets, and can be used over many years - reducing the amount of waste we produce.

Get compensation more easily when things go wrong

We've introduced Automated Delay Repay for all of our smartcard holders, meaning you'll be able to get money back when your journey is delayed even easier.

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