Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eTicket?

An eTicket is a train ticket that you book via our app or website. The eTicket contains a QR code that you scan at ticket gates and show whenever you are asked for a ticket.

How does an eTicket work?
  • When you book via our app or website, you will be given an option to ‘Download a mobile ticket’ on the app if available, or 'deliver as eTicket’ if booking via the website.
  • Open your mobile eTicket from ‘My Tickets’ within our app – there is no need to activate it just scan the QR Code at the reader to open the ticket gate.
Where can I use eTickets?

eTickets can be used across the South Western Railway network, as well as with most other rail operating companies across the UK.

How do I access my eTicket?

eTickets are stored in the SWR App in the ‘My Tickets’ section.

Can I store my eTicket in my Google/Apple Wallet?

Currently eTickets purchased through South Western Railway can only be stored in the SWR App.

What happens if my phone battery runs out?

It is your responsibility to ensure your phone is charged and can produce a valid ticket upon request. If your phone runs out of battery, you effectively have no valid ticket to travel and may be charged the fare for the journey you are making or a penalty fare.

Can I claim Delay Repay when using an eTicket?

If you are delayed by 15 minutes or more, you are entitled to claim under delay repay. Claims should be made via the website or using the forms available at our staffed stations.

Can I buy child eTickets?

eTickets are available for both adult and child fares. If you are travelling with a child, their ticket will be stored separately in the app. We are currently unable to add multiple passengers to one QR Code.

How do I buy an eTicket?

eTickets can be purchased at or through the SWR App. When purchasing online you will need to select the times of travel for the eTicket fulfilment option to become available.

How far in advance can I purchase an eTicket?

eTickets can be purchased up to two months in advance.

Which ticket types are available on eTickets?

Single and return fares are available for purchase on eTickets.

Can I buy multiple tickets on the same barcode?

Individual QR Codes are for individual tickets. If you are travelling with more than one person, a separate ticket will need to be purchased. This can be stored in the same app.

Can I buy an eTicket for someone else to travel with?

If you are travelling with someone, you can purchase multiple eTickets for the same journey. These will be delivered as individual tickets in your ticket wallet.

Who do I contact if my eTicket isn’t working?

If you have any problems with your eTicket, contact our Customer Service Centre Smart Team on 0345 810 1010.

How do I store my eTicket on my phone?

Your eTicket will be stored in the SWR App in the ‘My Tickets’ section.

Can I break my journey?

Yes, break of journey is permitted as per the restrictions applied to the ticket you have purchased.

Can I access my eTicket if I have no signal?

If your eTicket has been predownloaded in the app you can access it without signal. It is best to check the ticket in the ‘My Tickets’ section prior to arriving at the station; this will also ensure the ticket can be loaded if you lose signal.

If I decide not to travel after going through the gates, can I still claim a refund?

If you decide not to travel due to your train being cancelled or delayed, you can request a refund by calling our Customer Service Centre on 0345 810 1010.

I have a Railcard; can I use this with eTickets?

eTickets can be discounted using your railcard. You must always travel with your railcard.

I am travelling with a friend; can we use one eTicket to cover both journeys?

eTickets are delivered individually. You will need to purchase two separate eTickets which will be delivered to the ‘My Tickets’ section of the SWR App.

There are replacement bus services in operation, how do I use my eTicket?

eTickets will be inspected using a mobile app. Alternatively, they will be visually inspected upon presentation of your phone.

If I lose my registered phone, can I load the ticket on another phone?

Yes, you will need to log in to the app with your registered account details and download the ticket again.

What do I do if my ticket can’t be read due to a cracked screen on my phone?

If your eTicket cannot be read due to a cracked screen, you will need to purchase a new ticket to travel.