Customer and Communities Improvement Fund

Through our Customer and Communities Improvement Fund, we look to support projects across our Mainland and Island Line networks that address areas of social need and benefit local communities.

How it works

Until the end of our franchise in 2024, every two years funding will be available for projects on the Mainland (a total of £5,200,000) and Island Line (£100,000). We are looking for projects that, having shown a link to the railway, have clear social or community benefit. We would especially encourage bids which can show an element of committed match funding.

All applications will be assessed and reviewed, with input from independent observers such as Transport Focus to choose which schemes should be presented to the Department for Transport, who will make the final approval decision.

If you have any questions about the Customer and Communities Improvement Fund, the application process or if you’d like to discuss your scheme before applying, please email Mark Youngman, our CCIF Manager at

Bidding process

Thank you to everyone who submitted a bid. We've received more than 100 applications, which we're now evaluating.

Stage When?
We submit recommended schemes to the Department for Transport December 2019
Funding released for projects to start April 2020