Visit the Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway with SWR

Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway

The "hidden railway" at the heart of 19th century London's water supply

The Hampton & Kempton Waterworks Railway (HKWR) is the only operating narrow-gauge steam railway inside the M25. Open every Sunday from March to November, you can ride in beautifully-restored Devon coaches through the unique location inside the Hampton & Kempton Waterworks – hauled by 1915 steam locomotive Darent.

The railway played a key part in cleaning London’s water supply in the late 19th century, and still sits alongside the world’s largest steam water pumping engine at the Kempton Steam Museum.

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Trains to the Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway

The nearest station to the Hampton and Kempton Waterworks Railway is Kempton Park, which has regular services from Shepperton, Kingston, Wimbledon and London Waterloo. It’s around 15 minutes’ walk to get to the HKWR.

On leaving the station, turn right to Park Road, and then turn right towards the A316. Walking along the A316, you’ll see the twin chimneys of the Kempton Park Waterworks ahead of you. Follow the path down and to the right, then turn left through the underpass. Follow the footpath to the roundabout, then turn left and enter through the main gate into the Thames Water facility.