Coronavirus (COVID-19) refund advice


56 days

You can backdate your claim up to 56 days

Stay at home

You don’t need to go to the station to get your money back - please fill out our online form

Processing refunds

Your refund won't be affected by how quickly claims are processed - you'll get the full amount owed

Applying for a ticket refund

During these unprecedented times, we have in line with other train operators amended our refund and ticket acceptance procedures. These will apply until further notice. Due to COVID-19, our customer contact centre operations are restricted, which unfortunately means you cannot currently contact us by phone. We are prioritising the processing of refund applications, but due to the increased number of refunds these will take longer than normal to process. These are being dealt with in date of application order and this will not affect your refunded amount.

Additional arrangements have been made for you to apply online, so you can avoid making a trip to the station or Post Office. The refund you will receive will be the same. If you require a refund, please see our guidance around how you can apply. You can get an estimate of the refund you will receive by using the season ticket refund calculator on the National Rail Enquires website. For information about Railcards, please go to

Tickets received for refund from 11 May can be backdated no more than 56 days as long as they have not been used in the 56 day period. Special conditions exist for Advance tickets - you'll find more details below.

If you purchased your ticket from:

Our website
A South Western Railway station
Another train company, a travel agent or other source (such as Trainline)
Transport for London
Our call centre

Refund policy

We've made changes to refund eligibility because of the Coronavirus outbreak, in addition to our normal refund conditions the following special arrangements will apply if you decide not to travel.

We are working hard to process these refunds as quickly as reasonably possible and we thank people for their patience as we process a larger number of refunds. Currently the average processing time is around 33 days from receipt of your refund application.

We are aware that a some customers may have waited longer than this and we are currently prioritising these.

Anytime, Off-Peak, and Super Off-Peak tickets
Advance tickets
Season tickets (including smartcards)
Car park season tickets

Refund form

If you are requesting a refund on your season ticket, please confirm the date you last used your ticket in 'Additional Comments'.

To upload more than one file on our form, select all the files together on your computer and upload.

If you are having issues submitting the form please press the Ctrl and F5 keys and resubmit your form. If using a mobile device you might need to clear your browser history and website data then resubmit your form.

Coronavirus travel information

Read the latest travel and ticket information. 

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