Our new free-to-use on-board entertainment system

SWR|Stream is our new on-board Infotainment system, bringing you great movies, catchup TV, as well as the latest news. It's free to use, and you can access it quickly and simply by connecting to the onboard WiFi. Best of all, because SWR|Stream is stored on board the train, it's not dependent on mobile signal or affected by tunnels.

SWR|Stream rolls out on our electric trains to Portsmouth, Weymouth, Basingstoke and Alton in spring. By the end of our franchise, you'll be able to access SWR|Stream on all of our mainland trains.

Connecting to SWR|Stream is easy - just connect to the SWRWiFi network on board, or visit swrstream.com if you're already online.

SWR|Stream is part of our investment in improving connectivity and facilities on board our trains.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access SWR|Stream?

You'll need to download our app, or head to swrstream.com once you've connected to the on board WiFi. You'll need to register to access content.

How do I download the SWR|Stream app?

Just head to the Google Play Store or the App Store.

How much does it cost to use SWR|Stream?

Using SWR|Stream is free!

Do I need to use Wi-Fi to access SWR|Stream?

You'll need to be connected to our onboard WiFi, but you don't need internet access to use SWR|Stream.

Do I need to have a good Wi-Fi signal to use SWR|Stream?

The SWR|Stream media centre is stored on the train, so it's not affected by poor mobile signal.

How many devices can I register with SWR|Stream?

As many as you like - there's no limit to the number of devices that you can register.

What devices does SWR|Stream work with?

We currently support the latest versions of:

  • Safari - iOS*, Mac OS
  • Google Chrome - Android, Windows, Mac OS
  • Firefox - Windows, Mac OS
  • Opera - Windows, Mac OS
  • Silk - Amazon Fire OS only

*For iOS (iPhone and iPad) you will need to have version 11.2 or above installed. We will prompt you if you don't have the right version, but generally, iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and above can support iOS 11.2. If you have an older version you will still be able to read the news, magazines and play games.

Can I turn off the advertising?

To keep the content free, we run adverts before you access some content.

What trains is SWR|Stream available on?

SWR|Stream rolls out on our electric trains to Portsmouth, Weymouth, Basingstoke and Alton in March. By the end of 2020, you'll be able to access SWR|Stream on all of our mainland trains.

Can I get subtitles?

Subtitles aren't available at the moment, but we're working to provide this in the future.

How often will the movies and TV shows change?

Movies on SWR Stream will be updated every couple of months. Catch-up TV is updated daily.

I didn't get to finish my film - can I do this after getting off the train?

You'll only be able to access SWR stream while you're on board our trains - but if you have cookies enabled we'll remember where you got to and let you pick up where you left off next time you're travelling with us.

Will watching catch-up TV or movies use up my own data allowance?

No - our on-board entertainment server doesn't rely on your internet access at all.

Troubleshooting and Technical

The internet is very slow - is that because too many people are watching movies?

Access to the entertainment is held locally on board the train, so it doesn't need internet access to be shown. If you're experiencing slow internet speeds, it may be that you're passing through an area of low signal.

What does the message "Error, Video failed to play. Please check your wi-fi connection and try again." mean?

If you have paused a film or a great TV show and your device goes into sleep mode, this may disconnect you from the on-board Wi-Fi.

What are you using my data for?

For details of how SWR use your data please view our Privacy Policy. You will only receive marketing communications from SWR if you have opted-in during registration or purchasing a ticket and if you are over 16 years of age.

Does the Stream system store any movies or data on my device?

Your device will hold a few minutes of video to buffer anything you watch, but it would not retain the full video to your device.

Will this put cookies on my device? What do they do?

A cookie will be placed on your device, and it will allow us to remember where you finished watching a movie or show – next time you connect you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

I've already registered for WiFi - do I need to register for Stream?

Yes - as the WiFi and Stream are separate systems, you'll need to re-register for Stream.

The on-board entertainment isn't working - who can I talk to?

If you can't find an answer in these FAQs, please telephone our support partner Icomera on +44 (0)208 028 0359. They're open from 05:00 to 01:00.