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Back to school

Heading back to school on our trains?

We’re making sure that you can travel with us safely by keeping our trains and stations clean, as well as providing hand sanitiser at some of our busier stations. We’re also making sure we maximise space on board our trains, so you can keep socially distanced.

Trains will be busy, but you can keep yourself, your friends, and other passengers safe by following these simple steps.

  • Wear a face covering - If you are aged 11+, you must wear a face covering on our trains and stations, unless you are exempt. Please be considerate of others. Hidden disabilities or medical conditions may mean not everyone can wear a face covering.
  • Keep your distance - You must maintain social distancing as much as possible, including with your friends. When finding a seat in a carriage, spread out as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands - You should wash your hands frequently. Some of our stations also have hand sanitiser machines, so you can use these too.
  • Check your journey - We are running an amended timetable, so some trains may leave or arrive at different times. Check our website or app for the latest info so you’re not late for school.
  • Buy your ticket before you travel - To avoid queuing at the station on your first day back, buy your ticket beforehand on our app or website.
  • Follow the instructions of our staff - You may see more staff at our stations in the first few weeks back at school. They’ll be there to make sure you can travel safely, so make sure to follow their instructions.

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With your help we can make sure you can return to school safely.

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