SWR offer free travel to Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK

Ukrainian displaced persons travel scheme

We’re joining the UK railway industry in providing free travel for Ukrainian refugees on the National Rail network

To help Ukrainian citizens travelling to the UK, we're offering free onward travel on South Western Railway services to get you to a safe place. 

To make use of the Ukrainian displaced persons travel scheme, you will need to show your Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing your arrival into the UK. The offer is also valid on all train operators in England, Scotland, and Wales, and you’ll have 48 hours from arrival in the UK to complete your journey.

If your journey requires you to travel between London national rail stations, you’ll be able to use London Underground and DLR services to do so.

Head to our journey planner to plan your journey. To make planning easier, you can also translate our website into Ukrainian using the accessibility tools at the top of this page.

Ukrainian displaced persons travel scheme

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