Important changes to Travelcard season tickets

From 1 June 2022, season tickets for travel wholly within the London fare zones (e.g. zones 1-6) will no longer be available on paper.

This change does not affect customers buying a rail season ticket from origins outside London with a Travelcard (e.g. Basingstoke to London Travelcard zones 1-6) and season tickets between two rail stations within the London fare zones (e.g. Richmond to London Terminals).

How do I continue to buy Travelcard season tickets?

For journeys wholly within the London fare zones, customers will need to use an Oyster card (£5) or a free smartcard.

You can get an Oyster card online and through various retail outlets across London. London Travelcard season tickets on Oyster can be bought on the TfL website, TfL app, at Oyster ticket shops, and many self-service ticket machines including SWR ticket machines at stations within the London fare zones.

You can also get a smartcard online or immediately from a number of SWR ticket offices. Season tickets on smartcards can be bought online, through the SWR app and from any SWR ticket office.

Alternatively, customers can use a contactless payment card and benefit from weekly capping.