Take advantage of a free monthly season ticket when you set up auto renewal with South Western Railway. 

Simply buy 11 monthly season tickets in succession and you will get the 12th free exclusively available on the South Western Railway Touch Smartcard, purchased online here.

How does it work?

If you buy the same monthly season ticket for 11 continuous months on the Touch Smartcard the 12th month season ticket is free of charge. 

The 12th free season ticket must be for the same journey and class of travel as the previous 11. 

Auto Renewal is available on all South Western Railway Touch Smartcard enabled routes including Travelcard destinations. To see all Touch Smartcard enabled routes please view this map and find your route. 

Set up your online account  and add your Touch Smartcard to it.  If you don’t have an account with South Western Railway they are easy set up, just visit here.  Once you have set up your online account you can easily order a free Touch Smartcard. 

When you buy a monthly season ticket online using your Smartcard you will be asked if you want to set up an automatic renewal or ‘continuous authority.’ 

Auto Renewal Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is Auto Renewal?
How does the automatic renewal work?
How can automatic renewal be set up?
Can the payment card details be changed?
Can you vary the start date of the season ticket?
Can you vary the duration of your season ticket?
Can the season ticket be changed for a different origin or destination?
How do you claim your free season ticket?
Who do you contact if you have lost your Touch Smartcard?
How can I claim a refund if I don't need my ticket any more?

Auto Renewal Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions