Best value tickets

Save money with the right ticket for you.

Take a look at the different ways you can save on tickets:

Advance tickets

Whether you buy your Advance train ticket online, over the phone or from a self service machine, plan ahead and you’ll save money. Plus you get a reserved seat (on trains where seats can be reserved).

Be flexible about your travel time

Whenever you can, travelling outside of busy periods with Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets really pays off. Plus the train will be quieter.

Buy a Railcard

With savings of 34% or even more, Railcards can pay for themselves after 1 or 2 journeys, and there are different types to suit different needs. Find the Railcard for you.

Buy a Season ticket

Season tickets cover periods of a week to a year and if you travel on a regular journey they can save you serious cash. Plus they help you beat the queues every morning.

Buy inclusive tickets

For longer journeys or trips over different networks, an inclusive ticket such as PlusBus or a Day Travelcard will simplify your tickets, and you’ll save money over your journey.


Groups of 3-9 people can save 34% off adult tickets when travelling together, which is perfect for all sorts of outings with family and friends. Find out about GroupSave.

Group Travel

For groups of 10 or more travelling together you can save 25% on Off-Peak tickets when you call and book your tickets in advance. Plus we can try to seat you all together (on trains where seats can be reserved). Find out about Group Travel