SWR and Network Rails anti trespass initiative recognised

Wednesday 08th July 2020

SWR and Network Rail’s anti-trespass initiative recognised by prestigious railway awards
A scheme designed to prevent trespass and cut rail delays has been shortlisted in the National Rail Awards 2020.

Earlier this year, South Western Railway (SWR) and Network Rail submitted a joint entry to the National Rail Awards which highlighted the outstanding work carried out by their Trespass and Welfare Officers. The submission has been shortlisted for the Safety Achievement of the Year category, with the final winner being announced later this year.

Trespass and Welfare Officers were introduced onto the SWR network a year ago as part of a joint initiative with Network Rail. They are on hand at 97 stations across the network to promote the safe use of the railway, identify and check the welfare of vulnerable rail users and intervene where necessary to prevent trespass and tragic incidents such as fatalities from occurring.

The officers were introduced after delays on the Wessex line caused by external factors – primarily trespass and fatalities – had doubled since 2013/14. Since their introduction in July 2019, they have made around 115 crisis interventions and helped to prevent countless delays.

Alessandro Finistrella, SWR’s Senior Security & Route Crime Manager said: “Since being introduced onto the SWR network in July 2019, our Trespass and Welfare Officers have played a transformational role in keeping people safe and preventing damaging passenger delays.

“We are enormously proud that the immense efforts of these officers have been recognised by the National Rail Awards. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a win!”

Mark Killick, Network Rail’s Route Director, Wessex said: “We're delighted that our Trespass and Welfare Officers are being recognised in this way.

“The railway is at the heart of every community; it carries millions of passengers every year and impacts on hundreds of thousands of people, whether through stations, level crossings or those living alongside it.

“Our officers work hard to keep people safe, and they will continue to do so"