While you were sleeping: behind the scenes with SWR's cleaning team

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

South Western Railway (SWR) takes passengers behind the scenes with a video following the hard work of its Train Presentation team.

Around the clock, an army of over 400 presentation staff across SWR’s network clean over 1,500 carriages and ensure services are presentable night and day.

Staff at seven train depots - Bournemouth, Clapham, Farnham, Fratton, Salisbury, Wimbledon and Ryde - are also hard at work. They steam, tidy and polish to deep clean up to 18 trains every 24 hours – that includes more than 100,000 seats and more than 10 miles of carpets every month, as well as all windows, toilets, tablets and bins.

Charlie Hatcher, Head of Train Presentation, said:

"Passengers don’t often see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

"The Train Presentation teams take enormous pride in what they do, working hard to focus on every detail, from cleaning muddy footprints, recycling newspapers, washing windows, carpets and seats, to ensure every carriage is ready for passengers."