‘Get Into’ SWR helping the next generation

Tuesday 08th October 2019

South Western Railway (SWR) is helping the next generation of young people get the skills and training they need by working with The Prince’s Trust.

Today, during Sustainability Week, SWR is highlighting how it's trying to help the communities it serves. 

SWR’s partnership with T
he Prince’s Trust helps inspire young people across its network, aged 18-30 not in employment, education or training, find new horizons and kick-start their careers through its four-week customer service training programme.

Twenty-five students have completed the programme since June 2018, with some eventually working for SWR, and others going on to either gain employment elsewhere or join another education or training programme.

‘Get Into’ aims to develop young people’s team working, communications, customer service and conflict resolution skills, as well as build their confidence through tailored workshops. They also have an opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice with two weeks work experience at some of SWR’s stations.

Ashley Redding, gateline assistant, Harrison Jones, a ticket inspector, and Te-Jay Lawrence, a train dispatcher, are 'graduates' from previous programmes that have successfully gone on to work for SWR.

Hear how the ‘Get Into’ programme has made a big difference to Ashley’s life: 

Glen Willie, SWR’s Inclusion and Diversity Manager, talks about what ‘Get Into’ entails for young people attending the programme:

Glen, adds further:

“We are serious about our social responsibility, especially helping young people achieve their potential. Ashley is just one 
of many young people that have completed the programme and gone on to get jobs, including with us at SWR.

“I have witnessed the positive change in every young person that has taken part in the programme. They’ve become more confident and better communicators as well as see them take advantage of the opportunity to build new relationships.”

Lizi West, Operations Executive at The Prince’s Trust, said:

“The Prince’s Trust partnership with South Western Railway has been a great opportunity for young people to develop their skills and build experience in the rail industry. This programme reinvigorates their energy to apply for roles they can succeed in.

“The programme is invaluable in showcasing the motivation, work ethic and energy young people can bring to an organisation, given the chance.

“The Prince’s Trust also supports these young people as they move into secure employment, education or training to continue developing their skills and build upon their experiences.”