Simon’s smart switch is a win with South Western Railway’s Touch Smartcard

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Image of Simon Hunt, winner of the Renew Without the Queue Draw (left) with Craig Josey, Senior Retail Strategy Manager (right). They hold an oversized cheque made out to Simon with the value of his annual season ticket (£4,876).
Simon (left) with Craig Josey, Senior Retail Strategy Manager (right).

  • Simon Hunt won the full value of his Annual Season ticket by switching to SWR’s Touch Smartcard
  • Customers that switch have the chance to win the full value of their Weekly, Monthly or Annual Season ticket 
  • SWR’s Touch Smartcard is free, simple and convenient
South Western Railway is delighted to announce Simon Hunt as the first lucky passenger to win back the value of his Season ticket.

Mr Hunt won nearly £5,000 - the full value of his Annual Season ticket - when he renewed his paper ticket with the Touch Smartcard.

As part of the 'Renew without the queue' campaign, South Western Railway is encouraging customers to switch to the Touch Smartcard. Simple and convenient, customers can buy and manage their tickets online, which means they’ll never have to use or replace their paper tickets, or even queue at a ticket office again.

Touch Smartcards are free and can be used for Weekly, Monthly, Monthly Plus and Annual Season tickets, as well as for Single and Return journeys. A London Travelcard can be included on customers’ tickets, allowing them to tap ‘in-and-out’ at tube stations across the Transport for London network.

Automated Delay Repay will be introduced from spring this year for Season ticket Smartcard holders, meaning some customers will receive automated compensation if their service is delayed by 15 minutes or more. 

There are still chances to win, just switch today.

Each month until 30 April 2019, customers that renew their tickets by switching to the Touch Smartcard are automatically entered in to a prize draw to win the value of their Season ticket.

Simon Hunt, Annual Season ticket passenger on SWR, said:

“Amazing. I didn’t even know I had been entered in to a draw. What a bonus to brighten up my January - thanks SWR!”

Craig Josey, SWR’s Senior Retail Strategy Manager, said:

“Congratulations to Simon for winning the value of his season ticket.

“Our Touch Smartcard is free, simple and convenient. Customers can buy and manage their tickets online without ever having to queue to buy or replace paper tickets ever again. And in the spring, Season ticket Smartcard holders will have the added benefit of automated Delay Repay.

“South Western Railway is making smart-ticketing faster and more secure than ever. And with the chance to win back the full value of their ticket, it’s never been a better time for our customers to switch.”

Other competition winners include Mr Theo Stark, Feltham, and Mr Jens F Gruner-Hegge, Surrey. They both won the full value of their Weekly and Monthly tickets respectively.