New 10-ticket Carnet and Auto Renewal Monthly Season Tickets

Monday 10th September 2018
  • Carnet exclusive to the SWR Touch Smart card
  • Equivalent to 10 Anytime Day return tickets
  • 5% cheaper than equivalent paper tickets
  • Offers flexibility for part-time workers
  • Can be used up to two months from date of purchase
  • Auto Renewal Monthly season Tickets - buy 11, get one free

South Western Railway has launched a new type of ticket for those who use its trains regularly on the same journey, but not frequently enough to benefit from a season ticket. Among those who will benefit are part-time workers and those who regularly work from home and need flexibility when travelling to and from the workplace.

Customers who have a South Western Railway Touch Smart card can buy a 10-ticket bundle called Carnet. These tickets, which are available at a 5% discount are for use between the same origin and destination station and can be used for unlimited travel between the stations all day. Each ticket is valid for one day up to two months from the date of purchase, giving the customer the flexibility to choose when to use them.

Alan Penlington, South Western Railway’s Customer Experience Director said: “More and more people are working from home these days, and this new Carnet gives them - and those who work part-time, a tremendous amount of flexibility while also offering great value for money with a 5% discount.”

Also new to touch Smart card is Auto Renewal Monthly Season Tickets. This allows customers to buy 11 monthly season tickets in succession and get the 12th free, when they pay by direct debit and set up auto renewal on their touch smart card.

Customers wishing to purchase a 10-ticket Carnet for their Touch Smart card can buy them online from the South Western Railway website here.

Customers wishing to take advantage of the new Auto Renewal Season Tickets can get all the details here.

South Western Railway’s Touch smart card is free and available here.