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Advertising with us will enable your brand to connect with a huge and valuable audience – whether they’re using rail for business or leisure.

Our network has the second largest annual footfall of all the London-bound train lines, with 345 million annual journeys. As well as passing through the major train stations, we reach those travelling to the biggest sporting and music events across the region, such as Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, the Isle of Wight festival, South West Four music festival in Clapham, the Bournemouth Air Festival and Twickenham Stadium. Our trains also run through a number of different tourist and historic hotspots such as Bournemouth, Salisbury (the home of Stonehenge) and Winchester.

Station Advertising

Our variety of poster sites provide the flexibility to suit your objectives and budget

 D6s (digital screens) - Maximise the creative opportunity with full-motion video and animation or simply have your message stand out in bright lights with our flexible, premium, portrait screens

48-sheets (large-format posters) - Did you know that passengers wait for an average of 7 minutes on the platform? Take advantage of this dwell time by delivering an entertaining message for your target audience on a large, standout canvas

4-sheets and 6-sheets (small-format posters) - Broadcast your brand message with cost-effective smaller posters, located in areas of high traffic to deliver high-frequency messaging

Experiential (promotional activity) - We offer promotional station activity, such as sampling, distribution and exhibitions - to build brand awareness and loyalty, and leave lasting brand impressions

For station advertising opportunities please contact our media partner JC Decaux

Local station maps

If you would like to advertise on our local station map boards please contact Atlas (UK) Ltd: 01206 241000

On Train Advertising

On-train advertising has the longest audience dwell time of any rail ad format, and is unmissable in front of the rail audience, a very desirable one for advertisers. Research proves that on-train posters are highly effective, persuading rail travellers to consider, investigate and purchase brands they've seen advertised.

For on train advertising opportunities please contact our media partner KBH or call 020 7207 5333.

On Train W-Fi Advertising

Through digital opportunities on South Western Railway’s Train's Wi-Fi service, KBH Digital provides a way for brands to extend their message and create dialogue with consumers during their journeys. To learn more call 020 7207 5333 or visit the KBH Digital website