Passenger Information During Disruption

Keeping you informed when things go wrong

Passenger Information During Disruption, or PIDD, is the way we keep you informed of what's going on when the service isn't running the way that it should. As part of our efforts to be more transparent than ever before, every Train Operating Company publishes and provides their PIDD Local Plan. This details how and when we will keep you informed of incidents affecting the train service, who is responsible for the various aspects of returning the train service to normal, and the standards that we aim to meet.

This plan is updated annually, and the most recent revision was produced in December 2017 to reflect the introduction of Delay Repay 15. Our next annual review will be in October 2018.

We also publish our performance tracker, detailing where we are measured against the Rail Delivery Group PIDD Compliance Standards.

If you require a print copy of the document, or in any other format, please contact our Customer Service team.