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Ongoing improvements: mobile microphones

Improving information to customers

Here are some of the things that you told us about information at stations:

“Announce any known delays before we board the train to allow for informed decisions” 

“Particularly bad at informing passengers as to the nature and length of delays. Other passengers I have spoken to often feel inconvenienced by the fact very little information is forthcoming. Delayed trains often displayed as simply "delayed" rather than specifying by how long. And in a number of cases that "Delayed" status becoming "Cancelled" with little or no explanation.” 

“This morning there were train delays yet not a single member of staff visible nor were the customers given any information or reasons for the delays.” 

Analysing your scores and comments made it clear that we had an opportunity to improve in this area. We looked at how we can make sure that our colleagues are on platforms available to help you, but also allow them to make announcements that everyone on the platform could hear.

So what are we doing to improve? 

We've implemented initiatives designed to improve information at our stations during times of service disruption. These initiatives are:

Training our colleagues to deliver the best information possible
Investment in mobile microphone systems at busy stations
Station warden speaking to a transmitter