Delay Repay FAQs

How long do I have to make my claim?
Will I get compensation if my train is cancelled?
Can I submit more than one claim at a time?
What if I am delayed on a multi-leg journey?
Why were you unable to complete my claim?
Are there any conditions?
Why was my claim declined or not processed?
How do I make a claim on behalf of members of my family, if we travelled together?
Why don’t you accept claims from a third party?
Can I send you multiple Delay Repay claims via a letter rather than sending individual forms?
Why can’t you give me Delay Repay automatically?
Why do I have to provide you with information about my ticket, don’t you know?
Why do I have to provide my details for every claim I make?
Why do you ask for the ticket number?
Can I change my payment preference once my delay repay has been submitted?
Why can’t I have compensation paid to my American Express card?

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