Automated Delay Repay

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Automated Delay Repay (ADR) is our new way of claiming compensation for season ticket holders using our Touch smartcard and if you've purchased an Advance ticket through

How does Automated Delay Repay (ADR) work?

For Touch smartcard season ticket holders ADR will track your journey and train based on when you tapped in and out using your Touch smartcard. If we think you have experienced a delay of 15 minutes or more a claim will be generated and appear in your delay repay account. If you haven't opted out for ADR notifications you will receive and email alert every time this happens. You then have the option to accept, decline or amend the claim based on your actual journey experience.

If you have an Advance ticket the system will generate a claim if there is a delay of 15 minutes or more on the train you booked to travel on.

To be eligible for ADR, you'll need to have bought your Advance or Touch smartcard season ticket at

How do I use ADR?
  • Create an account at
  • Opt in to Automated Delay Repay
  • Tap in and tap out whenever you travel
  • Our system identifies if your train was delayed, and creates a claim on your behalf

To be eligible for Automated Delay Repay you need to have purchased either Advanced tickets or Touch smartcard season tickets through our website. To do this you will first need to sign up for My Account. Please note the email address for My Account & Delay Repay need to match. If you already have My Account, please ensure you’re using the same email address for Delay Repay.

Do I have to use ADR?

ADR is an opt-in system so will only create claims on your behalf if you sign up. If you've opted in to ADR, you can still create claims yourself using the online form.

Do I have to tap in and tap out for ADR?

Yes, without this data we will not be able to determine whether your journey was delayed or not.

I don't want to switch to a Touch smartcard - can I still use ADR?

Unfortunately due to technology restrictions we are not able to offer paper ticket users ADR. In the future we hope to be able to support ADR across other digital tickets. If you want to get a Touch smartcard find out more here.

Can I still make claims myself?

Absolutely - ADR is just one part of the scheme. If ADR detects that you've made a claim for a service you were on, it won’t automatically raise one for you. Similarly, if you make a claim for Delay Repay on a service and ADR has already generated a claim we will let you know.

Is ADR quicker than Delay Repay?

ADR claims are generated within 2-3 days of travel. This allows us to receive both your tap data and notifications of all delays. In most instances this is the fastest way to make a claim.

ADR has sent me a claim that isn't correct. What can I do?

If the delay band is incorrect you can amend the claim from your customer account. If you weren't delayed, you can decline the claim.

What if I've made a claim on behalf of someone else?

If you made claims in your account on behalf of someone else, with details that differed from yours, these claims will still appear in your new account, but will have your details associated with them. In future we will only accept claims from the account holder.

What if I haven't signed up for a Delay Repay account?

If you have previously made a claim but didn’t sign up for or verify your account, you can still see previous by entering your unique claim reference number and postcode in the “View a Previous Claim” section.

If you did not provide a verifiable email address or any email address when making a claim, you will no longer be able to access any previous claims.

What happens if I made a recent claim on the old Delay Repay system?

Please note that any claims made before today which have yet to be processed, your “old” account area will still be accessible through a link on the new account pages. Once these claims have been completed and any payment made, they will appear in your new account. All appeals submitted from now onward will be managed through the new system in the usual way.

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