Refunds and compensation

Receiving money back for your delays or cancelled travel

We try hard to make sure you're not delayed, but disruption means it's not always possible. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to claim the compensation you're entitled to.

What's the difference between Delay Repay and a Refund?

Whether you apply for a refund or for Delay Repay depends on whether you completed your journey. If you've decided not to travel due to disruption, or if you weren't able to make it to your destination, then you should apply for a refund of your ticket.

If you completed your journey, but were delayed doing so, you should apply for compensation using Delay Repay. If you had to abandon your journey, or weren't able to start it, you should claim a refund.
Delay Repay

If you’ve travelled on one of our services and have been delayed by 15 minutes or longer, you’re entitled to claim compensation under our Delay Repay scheme.  You can also claim if you’ve missed your connection to other National Rail services because of a delay or cancellation one of our trains.

If there's a planned timetable change (such as during engineering work), then Delay Repay is calculated based on the new timetable.

If you've purchased a season ticket on smartcard or an advance ticket through our website, you can also use our new Automated Delay Repay service.

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You can apply for a refund on any type of ticket apart from Advance tickets, and on railcards in a number of cases.  For a refund on your season ticket you must apply within 28 days of the ticket's expiry date.

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Claim Delay Repay

Claim compensation for a delay or cancelled journey

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Online Refunds form

Apply for a refund using our online form.

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Please view our report here, to see if you are entitled to compensation

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