Social Value Report 2023-2024

Read our first Social Value Report to see what we're doing to improve our local communities and our region

At South Western Railway, we work hard to deliver improvements for our customers every day. Our responsibilities go beyond our customers though, to the communities we serve, and helping build the economic and social prosperity of the UK.

As one of the largest networks in the country, we inevitably have an impact – on society, the environment, and the economy. Our responsibility is to achieve maximum value, taking every opportunity to have positive impacts, while mitigating the potential for disbenefits.

In 2018, Rail Safety and Standards Board Research identified 10 key areas of social impact for rail:

  • Community safety
  • Accessibility
  • Employment and skills
  • Social inclusion
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Local and sustainable procurement
  • Regeneration

To provide a common, consistent basis for understanding and measuring social impacts across Great British rail industry organisations, projects, and programmes, RSSB Research established the Common Social Impact Framework (CSIF), soon to be known as the Rail Social Value tool.

We commissioned independent experts from Larch Consulting to assess our social impact both quantitatively and qualitatively, using the RSSB Rail Social Value tool. This report is a summary of said impact in 2022/2023.

Social value infographic FY22-23

By sharing our Social Value Report with our stakeholders, customers, and communities, please consider it an invitation. Come work or partner with us. So, together, we can ensure that the people of the South West get the most out of life.